Ethiopian Calander 2009 and 2010 Donation Recepients of ADDIS KETEMA PREPARATORY SCHOOL STUDENTS

KASIM HABIB (2009)Grade Passing Point 608 to join Ethiopian University or College

TEMESGEN DAGNE(2010)Grade Passing Point 589 to Join Ethiopian University or College



2017 - we donated for multiple schools, and individuals for those who need it the most.



1 HP Touch Screen Laptop for Solomon IT, who has been supporting ITISMY.ORG since 2009.

1 Laptop for a kid that needs a laptop located in Addis Ababa.

100 HP Model DC 6000 and few DC 5800 for a church called KIDST SELASSIE ETHIOPIAN ORTHODOX TEWAHDO CHURCH located in Arlington, VA, USA.

We also donated for few computers for a church and individuals located in Atlanta .

We also donated for 3 students: 1 Laptop, 2 Phones FOR 3 students located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

2016 - 4 Students received laptops, Galaxy Note, iPhone, and Galaxy s4.

383 HP Desktop donated for 73 schools located in ARSI Zone. All computers were loaded with UBUNTU, few with Windows 7, and with EDUBUNTU

2015 - we donated Laptop for a little girl from Addis Ababa, and Desktop computers for General Hailom Elementary School located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


Addis Ketema high school few teachers received handheld devices like Blackberry.

Working on 2017 Donation that includes computers and reference books...

2015 - 2016 - 2017 and beyond --- there will be more donations for the memory of my mother, and not only computer and hopefully helping others who are not getting the basic human needs....

2016 - we donated 383 HP PC with 19" Flat screen for 73 Schools located @ARSI ZONE, ASELA, Ethiopia.

This year donation recipients about 30 schools and more.....

2014 -  as usual took a taxi to visit Tafu place. This time, I was able to visit the church areas very well. Took a walk up on the hill to discover the origin of the church and a place of a priest that started this big prayer place that became a fascination for tourists and a place of miracle for believers and followers of GOD. The seanery and the setting of this amazing place has every thing that nature has to offer. On the next day, I went to my high school to reward a laptops for three students for those who scored high and going to college. I have been doing this since 2012 and will keep doing it for future to come and off course with GOD help. Sofar GOD is with me and things are working great and Tafu is keeping me busy and trying to make me not to think her absence, but that is not going to happen because I keep missing her every moments and think about her a lot, and this questions keeps popping up what if she could live a little longer and see what I am doing now, but again as I noted in my diary she is the one who makes me start this donations and for that thanks for Great GOD.

It is amazing, I came back from Ethiopia after two months and received a surprise email from my Manager called David Carlson asking me if I am interested to receive about 400 computers from Mintz Levin, that supposed to go back to HP at the end of the lease term. It is GOD work, it just unbelivable and I know this computers are only used a little over 3 years and it was mainly used to accesses email by employee of the Firm. Now I have plenty to donate to schools in Ethiopia in the country side, already 2015 is showing to be the best year for my cause, and this is the work of my GOD and a prayer from my mother who always think of me, even so she is not in this world. Well, Thank you Tafu:)

TAFU 2013

TAFU 2011 - 2012

2013 - on the next day, I left my hotel and took a taxi to go to Debrelibanos church to visit my mother place. This year realy kept me more active interm of my purpose to visit. I was engaged with more donation and actually one of my supporter Mr. Ben Hincks was in Addis to see the schools that I donate computers. I donated more and also gave laptops and hand held devices for students who scored high grade in their class to enter college.  The same year, Mr. Ben Hicks, organized a lunch donation for a lawyers who works at Mintz Levin and I was surprised to see all donors that showed up for my cause.

Tafu sister Demeketch Zeleke and brother Teferi Zeleke

Donors Video Clip

2012 - I went back to Addis Ababa and as usual on next day I went to visit the place where my mother is resting at a beautiful place called Debrelibanos church. More reading about historical church THE CHURCH On the next day I visited donation recipient schools to meet the school directors and did setup and delivered the following to a multiple schools and more information can be found ITISMY.ORG INC

And also hand held devices, iPad, Camera, and Laptops including projectors.

2012 - actually did motivate me up a little better interm of missing my mother. For me  when I travel to Ethiopia every year is only one purpose and that is to see my mother and loosing her makes it difficult for me to get used to her absence. In any case 2012 did kept me busy by donating computers for about 3 schools located in Addis Ababa, as well as few countries in Africa as well as in Boston.

Travel to Ethiopia after my mother passed and that was in November 2010. I took KLM on Monday 26, 2011 to visit Tafu Graveyard and may be hoping to ask GOD to let her know that I came to see her. I am also setting up computers and deliver donated laptops by donors. The donation was started by hoping that will let me come to stay with my mother and to take care of while I help school children donating technology related equipment and that was in 2008. With the help of the lawyers in the law firm I work, my donation called ITISMY.ORG became legal to collect donation and donors can also get a tax credit. Making legal took more than a year and during that time I lost my mother. I lost my mother while the donation is in a processes and in 2010 I was told to come and see her and when I call her, She was not able to talk and I was mot able to distinguish the word she was saying. I felt so sad, and cried by myself and not understanding why she was sick for almost 4 years on bed. One of the main reason for my visit was always to see her and she is not only my mother but she Is all I have. Well, I tried to avoid not to go soon and instead I went to Colorado to see Sedona and Grand Canyon. This place is amazingly full of beautiful nature that makes you think GOD is there. I begged God to save her life and cried like a baby and mostly silently wetting my face without showing to the people around me. After one month I went to see her. What can I say, my mother was surrounded by family, neighbors, and friends. I tried to say hi to her, and may be she recognized me, but not sure. I sat there next to her and wondering in my mind why she is suffering, and tried all possible medicine that was available in Addis Ababa. 10 days after I arrive and few day before my departure my mother dies on November 9, 2010. The same year in December of 2010, the donation was approved . I know I have been asking GOD to help me organize this cause that I want to do and I guess GOD want me to keep going even after she passed, and here I am actually see her grave at Debre Libanos and at the same time distribute and setup donated computers for two school. I am hoping to do this every year, and may be move to Ethiopia and keep donating if some how I get a large amount of fund that also pay for my cost of living. We will see and all is possible if GOD approves it. GOD always does, and I know that.

My mother and best friend that I loved left me without saying goodbye on Tuesday, November 9, 2010 at approximately 4:00 P.M Ethiopian Time. Her name is Tafesech Zeleke, and I call her Tafu, I shortened the name to get her attention quickly and that seems to work very well. Tafu has been ill more than three years and most of the time she spends on bed. She went to a different local clinics, and visited Doctors and offered all kind of medicine but none of them to help. Tafu was loved by every one that knows her, that includes family members, friends, and neighbors. She has a network of people community from different region of Ethiopia. She brought many family members and none family members to take care of them in her house. Tafu shared all she has with so many people, and most of all she loved all of us equally.

I am not sure why, but she was very much suffered and we all prayed to GOD, and some how that did not seem to help. I know we all die, but it should not be that way.

We all cried and on Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 3:00 P.M we burried her at Debre Libanos Church. A beautiful place for a beautiful Lady, and I am sure if there is a heaven and I am sure GOD will put her there. For me it is going to be hard to get used to her absence, and which is going to be for ever.      

TAFU 2013

My mother lost both her mother and father when she was a child, and raised by her uncle. His name Asfaw Oda, and she was forced to marry my father at the age of 14. She was 18 or 19 when she left my father along with me, and she told me that i was two month old when she flew from my father home. She never liked my father, and no explanation has been given and my guess is that has something to do with her age. How could you love someone at that age and forced to marry a man probably twice her age. I met my father when I was a teen age and he was a quiet person, but I never get a chance to ask him, why my mother left him. My father died after I came to United State. I was told he was very sick and lived in my mother house to get treatment, but died later in his home town called Ambo, located in Showa region. My mother gave birth to three children's and I am one of them and both of us from the same father. Almaz Kumsa, Asnaketch Kumsa, and my self. I and my mother lived together until I left for Japan, and then to US.

More About Tafu

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All The following will be supported to keep the Memories of my mother TAFU.

- Hididiya a little kid live in Dessie and keeps reminding me the place of my Grandfather birth place WOLLO, Ethiopia
there are more donation recipients names to be added for the memory of my mother.



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